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What are you looking for?

Project Officer Europe & Nutrient Platform

Working at the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) means working to help solve global water challenges, whether it's too little, too much or too polluted. You do this by matching Dutch water expertise to international water issues. Do you want to play a role in contributing to global water solutions while creating economic opportunities? And do you have a green heart and want to contribute to improve the nutrient cycle and building agrofood and water sector cross-overs through working with stakeholders? Then read on and apply…

Want to join us? Apply now for the position of Project Officer International
Hans van den Adel
Hans van den Adel
HR & Facility Manager

We are looking for a passionate professional to supplement our Europe team. In cooperation with colleagues, experts, and the water sector you work on solving European water challenges. As a networker, you know how to bring global experts, local organisations, developers, suppliers, and authorities together. You understand what our members need in order to be successful abroad, and you are able to work in a structured way towards project goals.

Part of this role is to coordinate the secretariat of the Nutrient Platform, where you co-create intitiatives together with its members. The main goals are:

1. Positioning the nutrients cycle on the governmental and political agenda;
2. Accelerate business and research initiatives and; 
3. Share relevant news and information with the members.  

We are looking for an entrepreneurial and enthusiastic colleague that helps us to continue a proven concept.

Our organisation

We believe we can work towards a sustainable future where over 9 billion people live well and in balance with the earth’s resources. A future that is water driven, for society as well as for businesses. We are the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP), a network of Dutch water organisations, that together co-create innovative and future-proof solutions. 

NWP is an organisation driven by networkers with an entrepreneurial mindset. We celebrate our diversity and inclusivity in who we are, how we think and how we act. We aim for personal growth matching both organisational and personal goals. The human input is well balanced, compensated and appreciated in a sustainable manner. Together we contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Hosting the Nutrient Platform is one of the activities of NWP. This is a platform of Dutch stakeholders with all kinds of backgrounds committed to improve the nutrient cycle by working together.

Your role

As a Project Officer, you work closely together with NWP’s members to create international business opportunities focused on Europe. As a secretary of the Nutrient Platform you create an overview on all relevant political, business and technological developments regarding the nutrient cycle. You are the spokesperson of the platform and first point of call for members. You facilitate the collaboration of Nutrient Platform members and extend the network. You frequently meet with members and governmental organisations and influencers.

Activities Nutrient Platform (2days/wk)

  • Organise events and steering committee and members meetings.
  • Keep an overview on all relevant political, business and technological developments regarding the nutrient cycle 
  • Maintain and expand the network.
  • Be a contact person for the European Sustainable Phosphorus Platforma a.o.
  • Write position papers and meeting minutes.
  • Financial project management.
  • Coordinate information sharing through newsletters, websites etc.

Activities Europe (2 days/wk)

Ongoing activities

  • Together with the team, you help unlock market intelligence for your region of focus and are able to translate this into concrete business opportunities for our members or the NWP.
  • Establish meetings with different kinds of organisations and contribute to trade missions.
  • Initiate, build, and maintain partnerships between local parties in the regions of our focus abroad and the Dutch water sector.

What we offer

  • You will be working with like-minded colleagues in an international, challenging, and innovative environment.
  • A position in which you contribute to the SDGs.
  • A broad perspective on the Dutch and global water and agrofood sector to expand your knowledge and network.
  • NWP offers you a competitive salary, good employment conditions and interesting perks.
  • Working hours are flexible and working from home is very well facilitated.
  • There’s a lot of freedom and opportunity for you to come up with and execute good ideas.

What we ask

  • University work and analytical level, water or agrofood related.
  • A vision on a sustainable future and passion for nutrient management.
  • Good organisation, planning and project management skills.
  • Good communication skills in both Dutch and English.
  • Experience in giving or facilitating presentations.
  • Someone who enjoys standing out and networking. 
  • Proactive attitude to work, someone who is comfortable taking initiative and decisions.
  • An open and learning mind, and the ability to work well with a variety of people and cultures.
  • Stress resistant, flexible, independent but also a team player.
  • Knowledge/experience of MS office and applications facilitating working online.

Please contact

For more information on this position contact Renske Verhulst, Project Officer Nutrient Platform, tel. 070 304 3758, e-mail r.verhulst@nutrientplatform.org. For more information about the profile and procedure please contact Hans van den Adel, HR & Facility manager, tel. 070 304 3730, e-mail h.vandenadel@nwp.nl.