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Collaborate with the Dutch water sector

The Netherlands is a major player in the international water sector and always looks for ways to share its expertise and to learn from others.
Worldwide network
Worldwide network
Events and promotion
Events and promotion
Visit of a South African delegation to the Netherlands

Sharing knowledge and expertise

As a low lying delta of three large rivers flowing into the North Sea, the Netherlands and water management are synonymous. The Netherlands has always looked for ways to share its knowledge and expertise and to learn from others. NWP supports the Dutch water sector in doing so and forges international collaboration.
The Netherlands Pavilion at the WEFTEC trade exhibition in Chicago

Matchmaking and trade missions

NWP brings international entities in contact with the Dutch water sector; facilitates visits; and organises exhibitions and conferences. NWP frequently hosts international delegations visiting the Netherlands and facilitates Dutch delegations visiting other countries. It is a trusted partner of the Dutch Government.
Round table discussion at the AIWW on resilience cities

Urban Resilience

In a time of climate change it is necessary to join forces on urban resilience in order to increase knowledge and develop new insights. Based on demand driven requests the most urgent challenges and opportunities need to be defined.

Water and Agrifood

As the world’s population increases, food security becomes a pressing issue. Climate change, drought, flooding, rising sea level, land subsidence and salination are exacerbating the situation. NWP mediates to bring the expertise of the Dutch agriculture, horticulture and aquaculture sector to areas where it can be used.
Refugee camp

Water Crisis

The world is facing a global water crisis brought on by decreasing freshwater resources resulting from poor water management, ecological degradation and climate change. NWP initiates activities on four cornerstones to help solve water crisis.