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Exploring markets through NWP membership

“We are expanding our network and exploring markets through NWP.” Peter Scheer of the Semilla Sanitation Hubs start-up joined the NWP network in early 2018. He has already made progress.
Peter Scheer of Semilla Sanitation Hubs

Potential of NWP membership

“We make closed system sanitary facilities such as toilets, sinks and showers. The yellow, grey and black waste water is purified for reuse as irrigation water while the nutrients are collected and used for compost. It fits the circular economy principle: from waste to taste. I previously worked in agriculture so had to build a network in the water sector from scratch. I met several NWP people at the Aqua Nederland Vakbeurs in March who connected me to others. I saw the potential of membership straightaway.”  

Tips, connections and market information

“I like NWP’s personal involvement. My contact, Sabrina Doetjes, is invaluable. She gives us tips and connects us to people. At this exploratory stage, the market information that we receive is essential. Sabrina recently helped us with a Partners for Water subsidy application from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). She even joined our meeting with them. 

Our product is already being used at festivals in the Netherlands, and we want to expand abroad. We are setting up three demo sites abroad. These are in Kenya (agriculture), Italy (public toilets) and South Africa (hotels). But first we need a network and this is where NWP helps. 

What will you need from NWP in the near future? 

We will further explore markets. I will join trade missions to make contacts in countries where the sanitation hub is most needed. For our demo sites, we will seek NWP’s expertise on adapting the system to the local context, training staff and monitoring results. Help with subsidies, such as from the Partners for Water programme, is important. While we have a business case for some countries, we need the right network to expand to other countries and the NWP network will be an asset.