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Sharing knowledge on complex projects

In February 2016, a large water delegation from the Netherlands visited the German region of Sachsen-Anhalt as part of the State visit of His Royal Highness King Willem-Alexander and her Royal Highness Queen Máxima. At the request of the Government of the Netherlands, NWP coordinated the Dutch water sector delegation.
German delegation visiting the Netherlands
Mark Niesten
Mark Niesten
USA, Europe and urban resilience

The visit was so successful that in 2017, a delegation from the Sachsen-Anhalt region paid a return visit to the Netherlands. The visit again connected the Dutch and German water sectors and was again organised by NWP at the request of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

Multi-stakeholder approach

The 2017 visit’s programme included water governance and Government to Government strategies; field trips, among which to a Room for the River project; and the exchange of knowledge and expertise. NWP also ensured that the Dutch water sector would be well represented. The visit also exchanged ideas on the complexities in the water projects in the Sachsen-Anhalt region. As the visit was practical in nature, it was mainly attended by technical staff and consultants. The German water sector was very interested in the multi-stakeholder approach of the Netherlands in which NGOs, the private sector, knowledge institutes and governmental agencies on water management collaborate. This is unique in the water sector around the world. The German water sector delegation was also interested in how the Netherlands involves citizens in water projects like Room for the River. 

“NWP also connected us with some relevant  organistions in the Netherlands, that was very helpful. If you need fast and efficient support, you should contact NWP.” - Thomas Wiltberger, German Embassy, The Hague

Following this visit, and on the back of the positive feedback of the German regional government agency delegation, the German Embassy in the Netherlands called NWP in mid-2018 for advice on arranging another visit by the Sachen-Anhalt region to the Netherlands, this time a political delegation rather than a technical delegation.