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Delta Marine Consultants

Dutch Marine Consultants
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About Delta Marine Consultants

Delta Marine Consultants (DMC) is the tradename used by BAM Infraconsult when providing wide-range consultancy services worldwide in the maritime and river engineering field. Our work is embedded in the construction industry through our parent organization, the Royal BAM Group. This has created the ability to blend innovation with best practice in design and to provide practical solutions to fulfil stakeholder requirements.

For decades Delta Marine Consultants has been an internationally renowned coastal, river and near shore civil marine specialist. DMC provides design and engineering services in all project stages (from feasibility to realization and asset management) to clients all over the world, both from the offices in The Netherlands and in Singapore. BAM Infraconsult is the in-house civil design and engineering company for the BAM Civil operating companies in The Netherlands, UK and Ireland.

Some highlights:

  • Ranked Top 10 position of Engineering Companies in the Netherlands 2019
  • 11 Professional Engineers (RO), Talent of the Year 2019
  • Our colleague Bas Reedijk is ’Dutch Engineer of the Year 2020’.
  • XBloc: Gold Award Winner!
  • XBlocPlus: Afsluitdijk - Holland’s largest and most prestigious Water Management Project!
  • Hyperloop: a cooperation with Elon Musk for futureproof, sustainable travel
  • 3D-print: innovative printed concrete, a cooperation with the University of Eindhoven
  • Winner of ’Nationale Staalprijs’ with project Schuttebusbrug Zwolle (2020)
  • First hybrid probe truck in the world (January 2021) and fully electric roller.
  • In 2020 the 2 best performing projects in The Netherlands were executed by BAM.

For more information about BAM Group: www.baminfra.nl

NWP forms an excellent networking platform and provides valuable information about collaboration programs and opportunities abroad. As BAM we like to contribute to promotion and sharing of Dutch civil engineering expertise there where this unique experience of Living with Water adds great value

Boaz Neugebauer

Business Development Manager


  • Coastal defence dam Afsluitdijk (NL; 2019-2024)

90 years ago, an inspiring civil engineering project was completed, the 32km long Coastal defence dam ‘Afsluitdijk’, which reduced flooding risk for a large part of the Netherlands. It also enabled land reclamation within the now peaceful inland lake and delivered a large fresh water storage for the population and many farmers. This iconic and world renowned defence dam is currently undergoing a thorough upgrade, including a 2m increase in height to be able to withstand the predicted sea level rise, heavier storms and also to enable sluicing (and pumping) large quantities of fresh water to the sea in case of heavy rain fall. Also part of the project objectives are environmental measures to enhance fish migration between the lake and the sea. Delta Marine Consultants (DMC) has been involved in the Tender Design, Basic Design and Detailed Design for the defence dam strengthening, road works and all new civil structures. Our in-house XblocPlus armour units (on the project used under the name Levvelbloc) are being placed as reinforcement of the 32 km long Afsluitdijk.

BAM - afsluitdijk
  • Quay walls for British Antarctic Survey (Rothera wharf in Antarctica and KEP wharf in South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands; 2018-2020)

The Antarctic Infrastructure Modernisation Programme commissioned by the Natural Environment Research Council (UKRI-NERC) will enable a world-leading capability to ensure that Britain remains at the forefront of climate, biodiversity and oceanographic research in the Polar regions. Through the programme, British Antarctic Survey (BAS) is enhancing station facilities. The upgrade of the wharf at King Edward Point in the Sub-Antarctic region and the upgrade of the Rothera wharf in Antarctica, allow the new and highly advanced polar research vessel RRS Sir David Attenborough to berth. Both wharves have been designed by Delta Marine Consultants within the framework of the multi-year partnership between BAS and BAM. DMC has also been fully involved in the constructability methods and has provided support during the execution stage.

The RRS James Clark Ross at the new wharf at Rothera Research Station 2021
The RRS James Clark Ross at the new wharf at Rothera Research Station 2021

  • Floating infrastructure developments (various locations worldwide)

With the increasing effects of climate change, floating structures are a  sustainable way of adaptation. From submerged tunnels, through gravity based foundations for offshore wind to floating structures such as swimming pools and foundations for buildings, DMC has extensive experience in the field of floating structures and infrastructure. This expertise includes the realization of stability and dynamic assessments, the structural design of the floating bodies and the constructability and site engineering support to the execution.

Blyth Floating Wind Demonstrator, UK (2017)
Blyth Floating Wind Demonstrator, UK (2017)
Artist impression floating swimming pool, King’s Dock Singapore (Construction to start 2022)
Artist impression floating swimming pool, King’s Dock Singapore (Construction to start 2022)
  • Innovation partnership for the renovation of the 100-year old quay walls in Amsterdam (starting 2021)

The municipality of Amsterdam has more than 600 kilometres of quay walls, 205 kilometres of which are foundations. Especially in the busy, historic city centre there are many vulnerable quays, which are often more than a hundred years old. The quay walls are at the end of their lifespan and are being loaded more heavily than they were originally designed for. Therefore, they need to be renewed. Because many kilometres are involved, this requires smart, sustainable, and efficient solutions. That is why the Municipality of Amsterdam together with several market parties will develop new solutions to replace the vulnerable quay walls in the city in a smart way (source: Municipality of Amsterdam). Three partnerships have won the contest to further develop and test their proposed innovative design and construction solutions. Delta Marine Consultants, as designer for BAM Infra NL, participates in the partnership named Combinatie Koningsgracht.

Artist impression of the future Amsterdam quays renovation
Artist impression of the future Amsterdam quays renovation