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Frontier Ventures BV

Frontier Ventures

AquaVest is the name of our proprietary software. The algorithm develops transition pathways towards (more) circular regional water systems and guides investments in water infrastructure. In addition to cost savings of up to 20%, the software also provides insight into who should invest, when and how much. That is a good basis for more efficient public-private sector collaborations!

Frontier Ventures recently won the title of Water Innovator of the Year 2020 for our ability to provide insight into complex systems. When complexity (the amount of options in space and time) reaches a level beyond what the human brain can compute, we need AI to support us. Our launching customers are the province of Noord-Brabant and waterboard De Dommel.

Frontier’s long term vision is to enable clean and affordable water for all by developing sustainable infrastructure solutions and business propositions that benefit all.

Lear more about Aquavest here: https://www.aquavest.nl/

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