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    Water Technology Innovation & Manufacturing

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Orvion is an environmental biotechnology company specialising in the detection of microorganisms (bacteria and viruses) in water. For this, Orvion uses DNA and RNA detection techniques such as qPCR and sequencing (NGS), in combination with software for big data management. The company does projects for soil remediation sites, water boards (WWTPs), and drinking water companies.


Laboratory services

  • qPCR analyses for the measurement of specific types and properties of bacteria in water samples (groundwater, surface water, drinking water of waste water).
  • Biodiversity analysis of water samples with Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) to provide an insight into all of the microbial species in a water sample.
  • Degradation test to study whether or not a compound in a specific water source could be treated biologically.

Big data management

  • Development and validation of qPCR analyses.
  • Software for transforming NGS data into interactive files and maps for interpretation and visualisation.
  • Interpretation and reporting of NGS and qPCR data .

Udetect mobile qPCR technology (www.udetect.eu)

A rapid, easy to use field qPCR to detect the presence of a specific micro-organism in water samples. Outside the laboratory, within 2 hours. Relevant-use cases include:

  • Monitoring of fecal contaminants and cyano bacteria in bathing water.
  • Monitoring COVID-19 in waste water.
  • Monitoring Legionella in (drinking) water systems.