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Basic Water Needs

Basic water needs

Basic Water Needs, established in 2008, is widely recognized for its impact supplying water related products and services at a household or family level. Since its inception Basic Water Needs has been able to reach out to over 3.000.000 people worldwide in over 20 countries.

The main product types supplied are:

  • Household Water Treatment and Storage (HWTS) systems: Tulip water filters;
  • Small sized solar powered submersible pumps.

The solar pumps let households elevate water for productive use (e.g. irrigation) and consumptive use (for instance hygiene and sanitation), often in conjunction with a point-of-use water Filter: dual use of water. The HWTS systems are also provided purely for consumptive use.

Services are developed with the importer/agent through product certification, wholesaler partnerships (end-to-end importation services, including joint inventories) and financial transaction possibilities (payment in local currencies catering to small order sizes). First, these services attribute to strengthening the market position of the importer/agent, but often have the secondary objective of developing local economic activities enabling people to earn a livable wage.

These services are developed on a project basis and often have a relationship to:

  • Carbon Credits and the development of supply and distribution channels
  • The water, energy and food nexus
  • Advocating for Wash@home as a form of business development supporting self-supply efforts (from borehole drilling to water catchment and sanitation services).

Our mission is to end Water Poverty. The membership of the Netherlands Water Partnership provides us with a network that can contribute to realizing this ambition.