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Sponsored content

Reach the Dutch water sector and generate leads for you business publishing sponsored content in NWP's digital platforms.

With more than 20 years connecting the world with the expertise and knowledge of the Dutch water sector, NWP has built a strong positioning in the international water arena as well as a large network comprising entrepreneurial and innovative companies, renowned knowledge institutes, highly committed NGOs and experienced governmental agencies. If you want to approach a large water driven network to promote your products, services and business opportunities, NWP is your first point of call.

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Sponsoring content benefits

Publish water-related content interesting to you and your audience by sponsoring advertorials with NWP. By choosing NWP as your partner for sponsoring content, your organisation can:

  • Raise awareness and stimulate interest. Our global network allows you to approach an engaged audience of water professionals and key players within the international water sector.
  • Demonstrate field expertise and strengthen its thought leadership position. Our advertorial opportunities give you the room to introduce your products and services while exemplifying your savoir faire in a particular water related discipline.
  • Maximise digital visibility. Our multi-channel marketing promotion can help your organisation to boost its digital engagement and expand its reach.

Sponsored content offerings

You can chose between our basic plan or the advanced plan. The difference between the two lies in who writes the content.

  • If you can deliver your onw ready-to-publish content, the basic plan is your option. 
  • If you would prefer NWP to manage the production process, the advance plan is your best fit. 

Both options come with a full package which includes:

  • Publication of four articles on the NWP website  with a publication frequency limited to one article per month.
  • Promotion on NWP social media and newsletter.
  • Visualisation of the sponsoring trait with the label ‘sponsored’.

Content criteria   

  • Articles should feature a Dutch organisation, product, service or event, or an international organisation, product, service or event that has a connection with the Netherlands.
  • Articles must be relevant to the water sector and provide real value to the reader.
  • Articles must follow a soft-sell approach. A tone that is both, commercial and informative, is preferred.

Read our sponsored content policy for more information.

NWP reach  

  • Website: +55K visitors in 2021, and a growth rate of +36% with regards to the previous year.
  • Newsletter: +4.5K subscribers.
  • Social media: +9K followers on LinkedIn and around 6K followers on Twitter.

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If you are interested in placing your content on NWP channels and would like to receive more information about NWP's offerings, submit a content request through the form below.

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