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SDGs contribution

Representing the integral approach to water challenges, the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) is more than aware that all different Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are intertwined and equally important. So are doing business and sustainability. At NWP we believe that business and sustainability go hand in hand. That environmental and economic challenges stimulate creativity and innovative solutions. We believe that businesses and therefore the economy will be more viable and resilient if long term sustainability is taken into account.

Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations

Global impact of the Dutch water sector

The Dutch water sector (DWS) has a crucial role to play when it comes to achieving the SDGs as water lies at the basis of human health, planetary health, robust resilient systems, food security as well as socio-economic and gender equality. We believe in and strive for equal global collaboration for a sustainable future, using water as a starting point.

NWP’s objective is to increase the impact of the Dutch water sector. We believe in a positive approach to achieve more impact worldwide, with the SDGs as guiding principles.  

SDGs related to Water

Increase the impact on the Sustainable Development Goals

NWP groups the strengths of the sector, explores markets, identifies opportunities, and connects networks to steadily increase the impact on the Sustainable Development Goals attributed to the Dutch Water Sector. NWP does this by:

  1. facilitating collaboration between public and private national and international organisations;
  2. gathering and disseminating knowledge and market information, and by supporting and encouraging the development of the innovation agenda;
  3. sharing market insights and solutions, and encouraging and supporting the development of market opportunities;
  4. increasing the international visibility of the Dutch Water Sector.