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About NWP

The Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) is an independent foundation established in 1999 to provide a connected platform for public and private sector water organisations to meet and create opportunities together.

At the World Water Forum in Morocco in 1997, Dutch organisations and the Dutch Government saw the need for greater collaboration and a stronger united voice in the international arena, and for better collaboration to collectively achieve more as a sector. This led to the establishment of NWP.

Water Driven Future

Fostering collaboration

Since then, fostering collaboration in the Dutch water sector in the Netherlands and abroad has remained at the core of NWP’s mission to: facilitate the Dutch Water Sector to solve global water challenges in a societally, just, and environmentally resilient way, while growing its global reach and business success.’

NWP implements programmes that promote cross-sector collaboration and innovation by building coalitions around themes or regions to enhance collective impact; raising the water organisations’ international profile, and joining forces to positively influence policy and jointly contribute to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

NWP maintains strong connections throughout the sector and, through its wide network, can link organisations and individuals in the water sector who may not always find each other in their immediate circles. 

An inclusive network

NWP maintains strong connections throughout the sector spanning:

  • Central and provincial government organisations
  • Dutch water authorities
  • Drinking water companies
  • Non-governmental organisations
  • Spatial planners and architects
  • Knowledge and research institutes
  • Consulting engineers
  • Coastal and marine engineers and dredgers
  • SMEs and water technology companies

NWP works with strategic partners and members to fulfill its mission to work worldwide on co-creating future-proof solutions to accelerate impact for a sustainable, water-secure future. We do this through connecting expertise across sectors – primarily the sectors of water, food, and energy – and connecting water and maritime services and their practitioners for integrated action to tackle the global water challenges of the future.

NWP serves the entire Dutch water sector wherever there is a need and works with public and private sector organisations alike.

NWP Governance

NWP is an independent, non-governmental foundation, registered as such in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. The foundation is managed by a Director and Chair of the Board who leads the vibrant NWP team. A Supervisory Board oversees NWP. An Advisory Board provides overall strategic guidance whose representatives, as required by the NWP Statutes, reflect the broad Dutch water sector. We are proud to benefit from the following members of the Board

  • Mr Henk Nieboer, chairman 
  • Ms Katja Portegies, represents the Central Government (Department of Waterways and Public Works)
  • Ms Luzette Kroon represents the Water Authorities
  • Mr Jelle Hannema represents the Drinking Water Companies,
  • Mr Johannes Boonstra represents the Knowledge and Research Institutes
  • Mr Michel Riemersma represents the Consulting Engineers
  • Mr Boaz Neugebauer represents the Building Contractors
  • Mr Yousef Yousef represents the Technology SMEs.

The Board will soon be expanded with representatives of Non-governmental organisations, the Dredging Contractors, and Spatial Planners and Architects.

The NWP Statutes were renewed on 1 January 2023.

The Netherlands Water Partnership Advisory Board

The Netherlands Water Partnership Advisory Board.

NWP's agile and proactive team

NWP is a lean organisation with an agile and proactive team that remains ahead of the curve in addressing global water challenges. We are known for and proud of our quick and professional response to the needs of our members and the water sector. We have teams dedicated to:

  • Sector collaboration – providing project services in key water themes and geographic regions;
  • Programme management – managing water programmes on behalf of strategic partners;
  • Communications and events – showcasing our members’ capabilities;
  • Finance, HR and IT – creating a safe, efficient and financially sound organisation.

Meet our team in person, or visit our office if you are in The Hague. If you are in search of a temporary workspace, a good chat, or just a cup of coffee, feel free to come by.