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Water Technology

Photo of a drone recording information about water.

Centuries of living below sea level in a delta traversed by three major rivers, water technology has always been a challenge for the Netherlands. This history has created an entrepreneurial spirit and will to innovate, demonstrated by start-ups and scale-ups that devise new solutions for water related problems. Water technology, however, is not a stand-alone sector, but is part of a water management strategy in which integrated solutions and a multi-stakeholder approach are key elements.

A sustainable water cycle

Technology is fundamental in addressing issues such as the reuse of wastewater and adding value to the water cycle to make it more sustainable. For NWP, innovation in water technology is all about the water cycle and the need to reduce, reuse and recover wastewater. It is about improving the water cycle and adding value to treated wastewater so that it can be reused.

We would like to share and exchange knowledge, expertise and experiences internationally, thereby contributing to a circular economy and a sustainable future for all.

Supporting innovation and collaboration

NWP supports the development of water technology in the Netherlands and seeks collaboration internationally. It does this by:

  • collaborating with the Netherlands Government to show visiting delegations the latest innovations on water management and technology; 
  • playing an active role as a partner of Topsector Water & Maritime’s TKI (Top consortium for Knowledge and Innovation) Water technology cluster which supports innovations in water technology in the Netherlands; 
  • matchmaking between the Dutch water sector and international corporations, government agencies and NGOs; 
  • initiating and forging collaboration and partnerships; and
  • showcasing the Dutch water sector’s water technology solutions and innovations worldwide.

What have we done to date? 

Some examples are: 

  • facilitated the establishment of the Nutrient Platform that addresses the nutrient scarcity by marketing the Netherlands’ surplus phosphorous;
  • co-initiated the establishment of the Dutch Marine Energy Centre, the water energy sector’s networking and consultancy agency;
  • launched the Dutch water technology campaign at the request of the Dutch TKI Water technology cluster and with the support of the Netherlands government.

Do you want to know more?

Read more about the Dutch water sector’s vision of and approach to water technology on www.dutchwatersector.com/expertise/water-technology. Or contact us for the latest water technology developments in the Netherlands or if you want to collaborate with us. 

The activities on water technology are within the framework of the Dutch Government's Partners for Water Programme and the TKI Water Technology of Top Sector Water & Maritime.

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