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Sector Collaboration

The Netherlands has always looked for ways to share its knowledge and expertise, and seek innovative solutions by bringing diverse points of view together. NWP supports the Dutch water sector by enabling it to have an even greater impact internationally through stronger sector collaboration. Some of the initiatives in which NWP is involved are listed below. If this is of interest and you would like NWP support, please contact us.

Photo of the webinar on Water in Horticulture

Nutrient Platform

This is a group of Dutch organisations representing businesses, knowledge institutions, NGOs and the Dutch Government that come together to create a market for recycled nutrients recovered from ‘waste’ streams. The Nutrient Platform, hosted by NWP and funded by the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, aims to create a circular economy by exporting the surplus of recovered nutrients on the Dutch market to improve soil and food security elsewhere.

NWP NGO Water Platform

The NGO Platform is an NWP initiative that brings together Dutch NGOs working on different aspects of water management ranging from access to safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene, and enhancing sustainable water use, to ecosystems management. The platform acts as a forum for NGOs to discuss issues specific to their sector, and creates the opportunity for a common voice to be heard in raising awareness about these issues in policy, research, business and other environments.
Aerial view of Kiev

Ukraine Water Public-Private-Partnership Platform

NWP and its partner the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) are building strong linkages between the Ukrainian and Dutch water sectors to facilitate effective cooperation between public agencies, private companies, applied research institutes and NGOs. The overall purpose as envisioned by the Dutch Government, the Platform’s initiator, is to assist Ukraine in the recovery and reconstruction of the Ukrainian water sector.
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Top Sector Water and Maritime

NWP provides Secretariat services to the international core team of Top Sector Water and Maritime (TSWM). TSWM’s International Division promotes the Dutch water and maritime sectors’ exports and business opportunities. Representatives attend key international trade fairs and outgoing trade missions, and support the further involvement of the Dutch water sector in these events. NWP is also partner of the TKI (Top Consortium for Knowledge and Innovation), TSWM’s Water Technology cluster.
Homepage DWS


NWP manages the dutchwatersector.com platform which promotes Dutch expertise on water. Topics include climate adaptation, water technology, and integrated water management. The website shares the latest news, interviews and cases highlighting the importance of cooperation, knowledge sharing and innovation in tackling global water challenges.
Kenya Innovative Finance Facility for Water (KIFFWA)


The Kenya Innovative Finance Facility for Water (KIFFWA) unlocks opportunities for private finance in the Kenyan water sector by developing commercially viable, climate-resilient, and sustainable water projects. This is achieved by providing early-stage capital and expertise to developers of water initiatives. In this way, KIFFWA acts as a co-developer of a given initiative and ‘de-risks’ the initiative’s lead developer at the early stages of development.
The great bubble barrier. Courtesy https://thegreatbubblebarrier.com/

TKI Water Technology

TKI Water Technology promotes cooperation between companies, research organisations, and the government to apply leading water innovations in practice. Besides finding answers to current social challenges regarding clean water, TKI Water Technology simultaneously stimulates the Netherlands' leading position. With the right consortium of partners and solid commitment from these partners, substantial co-funding from the TKI Water Technology programme is available, depending on the type of research (fundamental, industrial, or experimental).
Agricultural field

Saline Water & Food Systems

Saline Water & Food Systems (SW&FS) is a multi-stakeholder partnership that stimulates collaboration between the Dutch water and agrifood sectors to address the challenge of salinity in low and middle-income countries (LMICs). The partnership consists of knowledge institutes, diverse members of the business community such as innovative SMEs, and experts operating on the ground. It is supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature, and Food Quality.