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Netherlands Water Partnership

Water. Driven. Future.

NWP is a strong network of Dutch water organisations, working worldwide on co-creating future-proof solutions and catalysing global water impact.

NWP enables the Dutch water sector to have an even greater impact internationally. We organise trade missions, matchmaking and promote the Dutch water sector. NWP is the port of call for anyone who wants to get in touch with the Dutch water sector.

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NWP has over 180 Dutch members: businesses, NGOs, knowledge institutions, and governmental agencies have joined forces in this public-private partnership
Van Heck
Water Technology Innovation & Manufacturing
Consultancy & Engineering
Water Technology Innovation & Manufacturing
Hatenboer Water
Water Technology Innovation & Manufacturing

Areas of expertise

The Netherlands Water Partnership works along cross-cutting themes that make it possible to look at different challenges with an integrated approach.


Securing a Water.Driven.Future. requires teamwork. NWP actively works with partners to further expand our international water impact.