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Event Management

NWP connects the international water sector with its Dutch peers at industry conferences and exhibitions, coordinates the representation of the Dutch water sector at trade fairs, and uses its network to seek the right participants and speakers for events. Further, NWP event services include online and in-person study tours, learning weeks, webinars and other knowledge-sharing setups. NWP also hosts international delegations visiting the Netherlands and tailors programmes for them. This service is also available to Dutch delegations visiting other countries.

All our event packages include direct contact with the Dutch water sector, its best practices, and recent innovations.

Photo of the Netherlands Lounge at Aquatech Amsterdam. Credits: Partners for Water / Ruben May

Exhibition booths & sector participation at fairs

NWP facilitates the Dutch water sector’s presence at important international trade fairs, conferences, and events. Organising and hosting a Netherlands Pavilion is a recurrent activity. The trade fair and congress organisation services that we offer go well beyond only arranging the logistics of building stands or arranging conference rooms and registration. They are about building bridges, cultivating understanding, and sharing Dutch knowledge and expertise at trade fairs and congresses worldwide. NWP is all about creating relevant content, connections, and activities during events to spark new opportunities.
Various delegations networking at the NL Lounge. Photocredits Ruben May

Missions & visits

NWP stimulates collaboration and partnerships working on a water driven future. This is often achieved by hosting international delegations visiting the Netherlands and facilitating Dutch delegations visiting other countries. As a trusted partner of the Dutch Government, we organise most of the missions in cooperation with Dutch embassies and consulates, but they can also be arranged with other entities, both public and private, seeking cross-sector cooperation and matchmaking opportunities.
Asian Netherlands Water Learning Week 2024

Study tours & learning weeks

NWP offers virtual and in-person study tours and learning weeks that improve and intensify cooperation between countries and amongst professionals. By supporting knowledge exchange and international collaboration, NWP enables water professionals to work towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals and solving global water challenges.
Screenshot of online meeting

Webinars & online events

NWP brings international entities into contact with the Dutch water sector, facilitating knowledge sharing, capacity building, and collaboration with players in the water sector. Our online event services act as a neutral platform to dive into a region’s most pressing water issues, expand international networks, and hold focused discussions on the water-related needs of a specific market.