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Exhibition booths & sector participation at fairs

Are you looking to make a lasting impression on the international stage? Look no further! NWP is your strategic partner in orchestrating unforgettable experiences at trade fairs and arranging impactful speaking engagements and/or matchmaking for Dutch organisations at congresses worldwide. NWP’s great experience in event management guarantees success. We take the burden off your hands while arranging the representation of Dutch knowledge and expertise that make an impact.

Netherlands Pavilion at Aquatech Amsterdam 2023

Netherlands Pavilion & Lounge

The representation of the wide Dutch water sector at major international fairs and exhibitions is often entrusted to NWP. Designing and creating eye-catching country stands, known as either Netherlands Pavilion or Netherlands Lounge, is a regular activity. It is also one of our dearest as it allows us to display Dutch water excellence as its best. What drives us is being able to foster connections, cross-sectoral collaboration and disseminate know-how for a water driven future.

Delegating your exhibition to NWP has major advantages

  • Having a bigger impact as the size and design of the Netherlands stands attract attention. 
  • High-quality service based on decades of experience. 
  • No worrying about project management, stress-free event planning.
  • Excellent on-site support and stand management.
  • Attracting stand participants through NWP’s well-connected team.
  • Maximum media reach and promotion before, during, and after events through NWP’s digital media channels, including its dutchwatersector.com website.
  • Plenty of business opportunities to maximise the event experience.
Group photo of participants of the Netherlands Pavilion at Aquatech Amsterdam 2023
Participants of the Netherlands Pavilion at Aquatech Amsterdam 2023.

Get in touch

NWP offers a wide array of services to ensure memorable exhibition experiences with lasting benefits. If you wish to know more about how NWP can support you, please contact us at events@nwp.nl.