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Collaboration, network, visibility, knowledge, information, influence, matchmaking. There are many good reasons to become an NWP member. So join 181 other organisations and become a member. Please note that only companies with a Dutch CoC number can become a NWP member. 

NWP members sharing knowledge at a members meetup
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Roos Kirsten
Project Officer Business Relations and Communications

NWP’s members are involved in various water-related projects all over the world, that have to do with water management, water governance, flood prevention, engineering, reliable supply, and safe drinking water and sanitation. NWP further promotes their work and the Dutch water sector as a whole.

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Be part of the NWP membership and work together on sustainable, multifunctional water solutions for people, planet and profit worldwide. 

Yes, we will join the largest international water network in the Netherlands (Please note that only companies with a Dutch CoC number can become a NWP member.)

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