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Group phot of Primavera's team

Primavera, meaning spring in the Italian, Spanish, Moldavian and Romanian language, stands for the metaphor of a new beginning of the growing season and a new beginning of the future of Ukraine. Primavera is an international, non-government, professional organisation with Ukrainian and international members. It was established as in international NGO in 2004, shortly after the independence of Ukraine from the Soviet Union.

Foster rural development and sustainable land and water use

In addition to the membership fees, Primavera receives funds for projects that foster rural development and sustainable land and water use in agriculture. 

The main activities of Primavera focus on:

  • Initiating, formulating, co-financing and coordinating inter-governmental projects and pilots on rural development and integrated land and water management, with strong stakeholder’s involvement components.
  • Facilitating the establishing of water and land users’ associations, and of rural cooperatives.
  • Establishing local stakeholder dialogues and multi-stakeholder platforms at regional and local levels.
  • Facilitating policy and legislation development.

It is our mission to introduce modern policy making for sustainable land and water use, rural development, and integrated land and water management. This includes the change of the top-down policies of central planning towards stakeholder-based introduction of the People, Planet, Profit principles in policy making.

About the partnership

Commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, the Netherlands Water Partnership and Primavera have the mandate to identify needs and subsequently project opportunities in Ukraine with a specific focus on water and agriculture for potential post-conflict engagement.

The realisation of a scan of Dutch organisations able to contribute to the needs of the Ukrainian water and agriculture sectors is also part of the assignment.

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