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TKI Water Technology

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Arjan Braamskamp
Arjan Braamskamp
Team Lead Business Relations

The Netherlands created 10 top sectors to better arm itself against economic crises. Each top sector is supported by one or more Top Consortia for Knowledge and Innovation (TKIs), designed to strengthen the sectors in which the Netherlands is strong internationally. TKI Water Technology is part of the Water & Maritime top sector. TKI Water Technology focuses on addressing societal challenges related to various water-related issues, both nationally and internationally. The aim is to find solutions through emerging developments in national and European research. TKI Water Technology is implemented by NWP and Water Alliance.

Stimulate cooperation between public and private parties

TKI Water Technology sets up several initiatives to promote cooperation between public and private parties within four innovative themes:

1. ensuring clean and safe water;

2. reusing water and resources;

3. energy generation and storage using water; and,

4. smart metering and action for water and infrastructure.

TKI Water Technology brings together industry, research organisations, and government bodies by combining knowledge and innovation; bringing innovations to the market; and, connecting knowledge and the market.

TKI Innovation brokers

Pressing challenges like climate change and the transition from a linear to a circular economy require innovative, inclusive, and sustainable solutions. Solutions that Dutch water technology companies offer. Yet, entrepreneurs and innovators often experience difficulties in putting their innovations on the market. They need to know what types of financing are available, where market opportunities are, what institutions and instruments can help bring their innovation to the next level, and so on.

The TKI Innovation Brokers that work with Water Alliance and the Netherlands Water Partnership are available to help Dutch water companies answer any questions they may have about going to market. They can connect them to knowledge institutes and other SMEs. They know about financing opportunities and have a large network within the sector and with potential customers. In a free consultation, they will help you on your way to the Dutch knowledge and innovation structure. Their advice covers:

- innovation of products, processes, or services;

- the provision of technology assistance;

- technology transfer services.

Our Innovation Brokers can link with knowledge institutions and other SMEs, and they know the financing possibilities and have a broad network in the sector. Request a free consultation with an Innovation Broker. Contact Business Relationship Manager Manager Arjan Braamskamp directly

MIT Networking activities

We regularly organise networking activities to inspire, inform, and connect Dutch water technology companies, knowledge institutions, and launching customers. In doing so, we stimulate innovation, knowledge development, and cooperation in the water technology sector and within promising crossovers.

Major national meetings are attended by the MIT (Mkb-innovatiestimulering Regio en Topsectoren) Network Activities programme, including the biennial European Water Technology Week, Aqua Nederland, and Aquatech Amsterdam events. The Dutch water technology sector meets there on the networking floor and through targeted matchmaking and networking sessions.

TKI Programme Support Activities (POA)

We organise various content sessions, cross-sector meetings, and TechTalks focusing on knowledge transfer. These meetings highlight mission-driven innovation and top-sector policy and actively involve SMEs and research institutes. The aim is to let SMEs find their way to the knowledge institutes, make the innovation landscape known, and open it up to organisations with ideas for innovations. We also make top-sector policy and instruments more widely known. Would you like to make a substantive contribution to one of these events? Then contact BRM Manager Arjan Braamskamp directly.

More information on TKI Water Technology is available at: https://www.tkiwatertechnologie.nl/ (in Dutch).

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