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Water. Driven. Future.

Water: it is in every one of us. As a source of life, a connector of worlds. As one of earth’s main resources, water serves 8 billion people worldwide. However, it’s a delicate balance between humanity’s progress and natural resources. Often there’s too little water, too much or it’s too polluted. We believe in a future where over 9 billion people live well and in balance with the earth’s resources. Watch our trailer.

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NWP's pay-off

Integrated approach

Water calls for a sustainable future. A future that is water driven, for business as well as society. To create positive opportunities for the planet and future generations we need to invest in transformative, integrated and inclusive solutions. We need to collaborate to turn threats into opportunities, and to translate research and market insights into breakthroughs and innovations.

Collaboration and co-creation

We are the Netherlands Water Partnership. A network of Dutch water organisations, working together on innovative and future-proof solutions. A strong collaborative alliance of more than 180 of the most entrepreneurial and innovative companies, renowned knowledge institutes, involved NGOs and experienced governmental organisations makes NWP the first port of call for anyone seeking Dutch water expertise.

With more than 20 years of experience in the international water arena, NWP catalyses successful local, national and global collaborations to help solve water issues, driving your water ambitions into the future.