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Dutch Resilience Hub Intake

Welcome! The NWP Urban Resilience team is pleased to welcome you to join the Dutch Resilience Hub initiative. 

The Dutch Resilience Hub is the network where Dutch organisations working in any aspect of helping build resilience in cities, small villages, rural areas, and coastal communities come together to find partners doing complementary work, to stay up to date on relevant topics, and to be notified of opportunities abroad. 

If your organisation has a Dutch Chamber of Commerce registration number (KvK number), you are eligible to join. If your organisation is outside of the Netherlands and interested in working together with Dutch companies on resilience, you can register as a Dutch Resilience Hub friend! 

The following intake form guides you through questions that will serve the NWP Urban Resilience team to get to know your organisation in order to find more matching opportunities abroad. What are your areas of expertise? Where do you work and where would you like to expand to? What types of projects are of your interest? 

You can complete the intake online by following the next steps. Once the form is submitted, we will reach out to you to confirm your entry. 

Offices in the Netherlands
Satellite offices
Regions in which you have projects
Fields of expertise
If you engage in special concession models, please indicate in which activities
Desired resilience project size
How would you like to participate in these visits?
NWP aims to provide a balanced group of resilience experts from diverse backgrounds, races, gender, ages, abilities, gender sexual orientations and ethnic backgrounds that is representative of the diversity we see in the Netherlands. We have therefore provided extra space to integrate a diverse number of your best experts.
Examples of some certification are: LEED, APA, ASLA, AIA and AICP.
For instance, you can elaborate on organisation's size, project role and technical skills.
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Dutch Resilience Portfolio

An initiative of the NWP Urban Resilience team, the Dutch Resilience Portfolio contains examples of international cooperation with the Dutch resilience sector in projects worldwide. These flagship projects demonstrate the different ways in which organisations in the Netherlands are joining forces with partners abroad to build resilience.