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Trade mission Poland: Showcasing your company

In early October 2018, a large delegation joined a trade mission on water to Poland. The mission was initiated by Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen of Infrastructure and Water Management who asked NWP to compile the programme and recruit participants. One of the participants was the Van den Herik construction company which is an NWP member. Its Managing Director, Jan Huijbers, explains why his company joined the mission.
Trade mission to Poland
Edyta Wisniewska
Edyta Wisniewska
Urban Resilience, Europe

Showcasing your company and highlighting your brand

"We have worked in Poland since 2006. Our main area of activity there is water-related construction, such as dredging. We have a team there and we work closely with the executive arm of the Polish Ministry of Infrastructure. Even if you already work in Poland, a government mission like this brings many advantages. The opportunity to present your company, explain your brand and build your name is so important. It is also an opportunity to meet both the local government and the Dutch Government representatives. A trade mission like this helps building a network. "

"During the mission we signed an order to dredge the Port of Police. Usually our polish customers have the designs ready and we just start dredging. In this project though, we are also involved in the design phase. This is new for us in Poland and the project will therefore take longer than  traditional projects. We will be working on it during 2019 and 2020. 

Well organised programme

"The mission was very well organised. It had a relaxed atmosphere that made it easy to connect with other participants, Polish companies and governmental agencies. After the mission, there was a nice article in the Netherlands’ leading financial newspaper, the Financiele Dagblad."

NWP opens doors to complex markets

“Our team in Poland is in close contact with NWP’s Edyta Wisniewska. That works very well as both sides share the same enthusiasm and love for the country. We think Poland is a beautiful country and has a very important position in Europe. We work in many other countries in Europe. We are 'creative innovators' who are always working on innovation. We are very familiar with the European market, have many contacts in different places and have had branch offices in some countries for years now. Should we ever wish to enter more complex markets such as Asia or South America, the NWP network will be very useful to us. Together with NWP we can open doors that might otherwise remain closed."