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What are you looking for?

Market Intelligence

NWP has produced and disseminated several market reports and white papers that benefit the wider water sector in the Netherlands and abroad. If you are interested in these services and would like to receive more information, please contact us.

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Market Scans & Sector Reports

NWP produces water-related reports that highlight current water challenges in certain areas and the opportunities that these may offer to the Dutch water sector. NWP is commissioned by third parties to produce these reports. Several Dutch embassies have already entrusted NWP with their water-related market studies, and for managing effective follow-up.

White Papers

In the NWP White Papers series, our members present solutions, innovations, projects, services, and products that enhance sustainability and help achieve a water-driven future. 

Other resources

The Dutch water sector has a lot of in-house knowledge and experience. To share knowledge with our partners but also to learn from each other, NWP offers a platform to the various perspectives from the water sector by organising webinars and podcasts. In this way, we create an open dialogue that provides a different view of the Dutch sector and our work.