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It is Adaelta's mission to contribute to resilient delta’s, estuaries, coasts and river basins, while providing value to society and nature by restoring, protecting and sustaining people and the planet. We believe that it is vital to work with nature where possible.

Nature-based solutions should be the preferred option for adaptation along coasts and rivers and in estuaries and deltas. Adaelta provides interim management, specialised consultancy, research, project and programme management services for creating, implementing and upscaling nature-based solutions for adaptation along coasts and rivers and in estuaries and deltas.

Adaelta works on research, innovation and education by contributing to curriculum at university, guiding students during educational projects (Master or Bachelor thesis, Joint Interdisciplinary projects), managing or supervising innovation programmes and knowledge institutes.

Adaelta works on dissemination of knowledge, experience and competencies by organising and contributing to events, to contribute to curricula, by publicising articles, blogs and newsletters and organising and managing communities. Adaelta assists in trade promotion and international business development by organising networking platforms, act as mission leader to relevant trade fairs and contribute to international panels and events.