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    Water Technology Innovation & Manufacturing

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MegaGroup: Bringing water to life

We improve the lives of people by making water solutions accessible

MegaGroup is an international technical wholesale company. Water is our core strength. We supply solutions for water transportation systems, bringing water to life. We have facilities in over 7 European countries and serve thousands of customers in over 25 countries world-wide. We are present in North & Central Europe, but are also engaged in some African countries (e.g. Kenya, Ghana and Ethiopia).

We provide products as well as services to companies wanting to work with one reliable supplier to procure their entire water transportation systems. We provide system design, select matching parts and support with installation and maintenance plans.

We focus on four market sectors, where we can contribute to the global grand challenges in water: irrigation, swimming pools, geo applications and animal care.

Building on a significant presence in Europe, we rely on our reputation, scale and purchasing power to ensure competitive prices. We like to team-up in projects and are knowledgeable on all necessary export documents and deliver to any location in the world.

Our goal: To create sustainable solutions that enable profitable exploitation over the entire project life whilst preventing leakages and saving water.