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Simonis Business Support

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Simonis Business Support is specialised in design, construction, maintenance, advice and training in the field of drinking water systems in both rural and urban environments in developing countries. Over the years, we have gained a lot of experience, especially in Africa (Mozambique), in working with local organisations and individuals in the field of drinking water.

Simonis Business Support has a wide network of project managers, supervisors and suppliers of materials in the region.

We are primarily concerned with:

1: Projects (design, construction and maintenance)

Both local and international organisations often lack the knowledge to design, construct and maintain a functional and sustainable water system. We can support with the design and implementation of projects. We can also carry out entire projects. This includes:

  • Distribution networks and house connections
  • Water wells or surface water intakes
  • Simple purification systems
  • Operational management of drinking water systems
  • Maintenance of drinking water systems
  • Cost price calculations and operational plans for drinking water systems

When choosing materials and when making designs, we take into account what is available locally and what can be repaired locally. We also look at the financial feasibility of the operation and the level of knowledge of the local manager/operator.

If desired, local managers and operators are trained to operate and maintain the systems.

2: Training and education

By providing practical training, workshops and project management, we ensure that the knowledge level of the local network administrator is increased. As a result, the water systems are better maintained and the service life is extended. On-the-job training in design, construction and maintenance is also one of the possibilities.