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Waterschap Vechtstromen


The Vechtstromen water authority is one of the 21 Dutch water authorities and can be found on the eastern side of the Netherlands. Our water management contributes to clean, safe and sufficient water for 800,000 inhabitants in two provinces. Our main challenges are water scarcity and too much water. Like all water authorities in the Netherlands, we are prepared for too much water. In recent years, however, we have primarily faced an insufficient amount of water, e.g. for growing crops.

Internationally, we operate on three levels: transboundary cooperation with our German neighbours, within Europe and overseas cooperation.

“The Vechtstromen water authority has equal cooperation with the local foreign partners. It is great that Vechtstromen occupies a modest and vulnerable position in the cooperation. This ensures that the cooperation is equal and respectful and also gets the best out of the local professionals.”

Leanne Reichard

Director of Business Development Hydrologic

Transboundary cooperation

As the territory of Vechtstromen is situated along the border of Germany, we have a close working relationship with our German counterparts in Niedersachsen and Nordrhein Westfalen, such as NLWKN and with communities on the German side like Grafschaft Bentheim. The EUREGIO plays an important role in the cooperation between Germany and the Netherlands.

European cooperation

Like all European countries in the European Union, we take part in programmes on biodiversity, such as Natura 2000 and on water quality (in line with the Water Framework Directive). We are also part of CATCH in which we aim to create sustainable, liveable and profitable cities in the North Sea Region.   

Overseas cooperation

The Vechtstromen water authority is a partner in the Blue Deal. In this programme we want to help 20 million people in 40 catchments worldwide to have better access to clean, safe and sufficient water by 2030. Vechtstromen is leading the project in Eswatini and the programme in Vietnam. In both countries, we work together with Dutch enterprises.

“The Vechtstromen water authority is transparent in its international cooperation, which makes it pleasant to work with them. Vechtstromen is the connector, the spider in the international web and takes a very proactive role. This attitude is much appreciated.”

Alfred Geitenbeek

Director of Strategic Business Development Royal Eijkelkamp B.V