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Beccan Davila – Puentes

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    Architecture & Spatial Planning

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BD+P architects & planners is an urban planning office specialised in the design and development of sustainable urban landscape strategies. Their office is based in the Netherlands and was founded by Nahuel Beccan Davila and Adrián Puentes in 2008. We promote an integrated urban and landscape approach that features water efficiency, smart agriculture, circularity and other aspects of resilience.

The design process of BD+P is aligned with current models and paradigms such as Nature-based Solutions and Building with Nature, and they emphasise the cultural and historical heritage of local communities in all our work. At the same time, the work of BD+P has been enriched by the experiences and long tradition in the Netherlands of living with water. 

They use a series of lessons that are included in projects such as working with natural systems and thinking ‘outside the box’. This integrated way of working also provides the tools to solve other contemporary urban challenges; transform public space to make it more efficient, liveable and inclusive; protect heritage; and, rebuild social bonds. BD+P believe that solutions can be found in local knowledge through interdisciplinary and participatory practices. They work globally, engaging stakeholders and experts from different fields in a highly collaborative and research-based design environment. The founding partners are lecturers and professors at various universities in Latin America. 

We joined NWP in order to strengthen our knowledge and capacity to develop water strategies. We have engaged in several activities with NWP in recent years and we believe in collaborative environments. We expect to bring our integrated approach to your network and to use the platform to develop our business.