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Bosch Slabbers


BoschSlabbers, landscape + urban planning is a private Dutch company, specialised in climate adaptation and water sensitive design. In our firm, 30 landscape architects and urban planners work on the development of cities to make them not only water-resilient but also more attractive. As landscape architects, we search for both the essential and the particular in landscapes we work on. We nurture existing qualities and dissolve spatial conflicts. Where possible, we add new, modern-day qualities. We design for the future, with an eye to the present and a sensitivity to the past.

We work from three locations: The Hague, Middelburg and our workshop in Maarn. We are specialised in projects on the interface between landscape and infrastructure, water, sustainability, climate adaptation and urbanisation. Our message is that you should never be satisfied with solutions that only work, you always have to strive for solutions that both work and add value, for solutions that not only create a water-safe environment, but also turn the situation into a more interesting place to live, to work, to stay and add ecological quality.

Via our NWP Membership we would like to develop more international dialogues with partners from The Netherlands and abroad to create a more resilient, safe and attractive environment. Something we have started some time ago via NWP and wish to continue in upcoming years.

Stijn Koole

Partner at BoschSlabbers