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Founded in 2005 as an interdisciplinary partnership of architects, engineers, and urban planners, CITYFÖRSTER nowadays operates in ambitious projects around the whole world. What specializes their approach is the effort to always look at the wider context that is linked to specific assignments. What other improvements can be brought to the people living in the area where developments are planned? As a result of this method, many times, water-related challenges present themselves, and over the years, CITYFÖRSTER is finding itself increasingly involved in city planning projects where large-scale water systems and coastal protection play a pivotal role. 

For more than 15 years, CITYFÖRSTER has been working on urban design and architecture projects that take water into account. As part of the Chinese Sponge City program, we’ve designed green-blue master plans for the cities of Changsha and Hefei, and we’re currently implementing three major parks there as part of these plans. We have also, amongst others, worked on public space designs that incorporate coastal defense systems in Albania, and looked at spatial solutions to counter desertification for a campus in Zambia.

We do so as part of a network. Not only do we work with an international, interdisciplinary team of architects and urban planners, we also collaborate with a host of people who bring in their own experience and expertise: from engineers to landscape architects, from tourism advisors to traffic engineers.

We’re keen to bring this joint expertise to the table, and even keener to get to know new potential partners. We’ve joined the NWP with this in mind, and look forward to meeting the other members, and lay the foundation for strong, multifaceted consortia.