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Evers & Manders


Our Organisation

Evers + Manders, founded in 1993, provide a wide range of tailored grant consultancy services. Since 1993, Evers + Manders has grown into a leading company with twenty permanent employees.

From our office in Hoevelaken, we work for regional, national, and international clients in industry, science, and government.

Our Mission

As a trusted and established grant consultancy, Evers + Manders offers a committed and reliable service to its clients. We stand for quality and service. With extensive expertise in the water, delta and maritime technology sectors, we have in-depth knowledge of the various grant programmes. We participate and operate in relevant and promising related networks. Moreover, we deliver excellent results in a short period of time. As a valuable partner in grant application, we are keen to make the difference.

Specialised in the Water Sector

At Evers + Manders, we believe in specialisation and expertise. Therefore, our organisation is geared towards specific grant programmes and areas of the water, delta and maritime technology sectors. Our specialist knowledge and specific experiences in the field of grant consultancy will offer the added value. Working together, we will increase the success rate of grant application. For you as our client, this means the following:

  • We employ highly trained grant consultants, familiar with the water sector
  • We give strategic advice on how grant acquisition can be embedded as a strategic tool to the organisation’s ambition in stead of an unstructured activity.
  • You will receive a complete advice that focuses on the grant programme, strategy, all financial aspects, and your business plan
  • We give access to our experience and our network, allowing to tap into new knowledge and relationships that will help organisations achieve their goals.