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Mott Macdonald

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Mott MacDonald BV – based in Arnhem – is a subsidiary of the Mott MacDonald Group. The company started under the name Euroconsult in 1956 as part of Heidemij (renamed “Arcadis” in 1997; Arcadis Euroconsult) for consultancies in developing countries. In 2007, ‘Euroconsult’ became part of the Mott MacDonald Group (UK) and now operates as Mott MacDonald BV.

Our international development services

We work in developing countries to alleviate poverty, establish good governance, and increase access, capacity and resilience in healthcare, education, water, sanitation, transportation, infrastructure and renewable energy – while safeguarding the environment and promoting human rights and gender equity.

  • Blue Gold Program – Bangladesh: 40% of people in Bangladesh's coastal zones live on less than $2 a day. Our Blue Gold programme funded by Governments of the Netherlands is empowering local communities to sustainably manage their water resources, which is improving food security and raising incomes.
  • Water for Lakes – South Sudan: With funding from the Government of the Netherlands, Mott MacDonald implemented the Water for Lakes State programme, which aims to put water management in the hands of the people who rely on this precious resource for their health, agriculture and wellbeing. By working closely with local communities, Water for Lakes is demonstrating the potential of economic development as a tool against aid dependency and conflict.
  • Water for Growth – Rwanda: Water for Growth Rwanda (W4GR) was a four-year, joint Rwanda-Netherlands initiative that supported the Ministry of Environment (MoE) in implementing an integrated approach to water management. The goal was to achieve the three E’s: Equitable, Efficient and Environmentally sustainable water resources.
  • Char Development and Settlement Programme (CDSP) – Bangladesh: The char lands in Bangladesh - low-lying islands that are naturally formed by silt from rivers flowing into the Bay of Bengal – rank among some of the most hostile environments for settler farmers anywhere in the world. Over the last seven years CDSP has transformed 30,000 hectares of land into a functioning and sustainable homeland for 155,000 people from 28,000 households – effectively ending the constant uncertainty and threat of displacement.