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One Architecture

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    Architecture & Spatial Planning

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One Architecture (ONE) was founded in Amsterdam in 1995, and quickly developed a core competency for multi-actor scenario-based planning with a primary client base of governments, institutions, and NGOs. In 2015, the New York office of One Architecture & Urbanism was established to focus on resilience and climate-adaptation planning and design, from early stage studies and project identification to detailed design for implementation. The American practice works exclusively on public sector and development sector projects, using design as a driver for multi-disciplinary integration. In addition to the primary offices in Amsterdam and New York City, ONE has satellites in Boston, Houston, and Shenzhen.

For the past half-decade, ONE has pursued major resilience projects in New York, Boston, San Francisco, Latin America, and Southeast Asia, largely focused on climate adaptation and ranging in scale from the urban and regional planning to local interventions. ONE’s work aims to connect adaptive coastal strategies with Nature-based Solutions, climate proof ecologies, and community priorities. Beyond design-driven, implementable schemes for adaptation, the firm has created frameworks for long-term social and economic resilience through a commitment to local partnerships, community engagement, and thoughtful attention to public needs, policy, and local value creation. Climate adaptation is an opportunity to reorganize the way we approach planning issues, to introduce design driven transformation based of scientific standards, understanding of natural process, and deeper commitment from the community. ONE aspires to generate local enthusiasm and long term stewardship by unique communication strategies and scientific data.