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STC Next

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    Consultancy & Engineering

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STC Next positions itself as a leading training provider in and around the port and is committed to the lifelong development of professionals to prepare them for what the sector is asking of them now and in the future. With a competence knowledge & experience centre and extensive expertise in the field of retraining and further training, STC Next offers a unique range of courses and training.

STC Next as of March 2023 

STC Training & Consultancy and STC International joined forces from March 29, 2023 and will continue together as STC Next. This new entity will be the ultimate trainer for professionals in and around the port, with a wide range of training and courses in the areas of shipping, transport, logistics and hazardous substances.

The companies merge their expertise under the new name STC Next, whereby the quality and professionalism of STC's services are guaranteed. The possibility of also joining STC KNRM, specialised in offshore and safety training, with STC Next is currently being investigated.

STC Next is internationally active and has locations in the Netherlands and abroad. The head office is located in Rotterdam.