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Wavemakers United foundation

Wavemakers United

The Wavemakers United Foundation is non-profit organization and is a global impact community with a passion for water innovation. They aim to connect and activate global youth networks for the sustainable development of water, food, and energy. Their official journey started in 2016 as the Dutch Wavemakers. However, just like water, they soon realized that their efforts shouldn’t be limited to their own country’s borders.

Wavemakers United inspires youth to take action on water. We do this in three ways: 

  1. By raising awareness through education and sports 
  2. By promoting a global collaboration through our capacity-building program 
  3. and by supporting new student-initiated innovations. 


Young people all over the world often have innovative solutions, but few networks or opportunities to implement them. The overall goal of this partnership is to strengthen our networks and to create an international youth platform to inspire, enthuse, and activate young people and make food and energy innovations visible.


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