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News | 11 July 2019

Blog: NWP - A unique network in challenging times

I became the Chair of the NWP Board on 1 June. It is a wonderful challenge. NWP is the network in the Dutch Water Sector and its mission is to position and facilitate the Dutch Water Sector to make an impact abroad. An impact on the societies that we work with and an impact for the entities in the network themselves. We take for granted that knowledge institutions, companies, governments and NGOs sit at the table together to see where there is common ground and whether we need to join forces. But we have come to realise that this is exceptional. After all, the interests, visions, missions, strategies and objectives, the values and cultures of all of these entities are very different. And each of these separate entities uphold its independence and logic. Not all sectors will succeed in becoming an ‘NWP’.
Annemieke Nijhof