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News | 11 October 2018

Carthago Consultancy joins NWP

NWP welcomes Carthago Consultancy to the NWP network.


Willem van Deursen, the owner of the one-man firm, introduces the consultancy: "Carthago Consultancy is an independent consulting firm that specialises in water management and scenario analysis. Climate change and shifts in the composition of society increase the challenges of water management. Progressive intensification of land use, agriculture and urbanisation are putting increasing pressure on water resources and supply systems. At the same time society is less capable of tolerating the natural fluctuations in the water system. Read more


So Carthago Consultancy helps regional, national and international parties identify the challenges and develop action plans to address the issues involved. The strategies developed to meet the challenges have to be robust enough to contend with the contingencies that will inevitably surface.

The methods used this purpose include Integrated Water Resources Management, System Analysis and Dynamics, Rapid Assessment Modelling and Serious Gaming. Carthago Consultancy has an extensive national and international network and offers services and expertise in both independent and collaborative projects."