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Financial map

Panoramic view of the eastern port of Alexandria, Egypt.

Maybe you are looking for ways to finance your water project abroad. Or you might be looking for ways to finance your plans to scale up your business internationally. When starting your search, navigating the financial landscape that exists can be quite daunting.

Should you be looking at multilateral development banks, instruments of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), regular banks, climate funds, EU programmes? The answer is: it all depends. For example, it depends on which stage your project is in, where your project or business is located, which type of organisation you are and what type of financing you are looking for.

In order to make this process easier for you, we have created an infographic in which a selection of relevant financiers, funds, funding programmes and instruments are plotted along two variables, namely project phase and organisation type. The regional focus and type of financing instrument are also included in the infographic.

Note: the overview in the infographic is by no means an exhaustive overview of all financiers and financial instruments available to the Dutch water sector. It is merely a first attempt to map existing resources for water opportunities, and as such, the file will be regularly updated. We do really appreciate your constructive feedback on the infographic.

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Do you want to know more and discuss the possibilities for financing your water project? Do not hesitate to reach out to the NWP Finance for Water team through financeforwater@nwp.nl and let us explore together.

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