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Ukraine Water Public-Private-Partnership Platform

The UWP3 Platform is a group of Dutch and Ukrainian organisations that come together to support the reconstruction of the water sector in Ukraine. It provides a central point through which connections and resources are facilitated, bringing forward opportunities to design collaboration strategies and joint actions.

Ukrainian Church

The UWP3 Platform is an initiative of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) has been appointed as the Platform coordinator and has the mandate to bring together parties from the public, private, applied research, knowledge, and NGO sectors for collaborations in Ukraine.

Above all, the UWP3 Platform intends to act as a bridge between the Ukrainian and Netherlands water sectors. The work of the UWP3 Platform and the knowledge shared by its members should result in tangible impact in the Ukrainian water sector through effective cooperation between Dutch and/or Ukrainian partners. This tangible impact implies the supply of solutions, projects, and services towards the reconstruction of Ukraine’s water sector, and where the Dutch Government holds a facilitating role.

The UWP3 Platform’s crucial mission is to enable organisations to connect with relevant stakeholders and to support the development of concrete project proposals.

Water expertise – represented subsectors

Dutch and Ukrainian organisations interested in supporting the reconstruction of Ukraine, with desire to contribute with their time in the identification of potential project collaboration and with expertise in the field of water are welcome. This includes water supply and sanitation, flood management, IWRM, water technologies, climate adaptation, water governance, critical water infrastructure, water for food, drainage and irrigation, smart and IT water tools, spatial planning for water resources, nature-based solutions, stormwater management and others.

 UWP3 Platform’s participants include:

  • private entities working on consultancy, engineering, geospatial activities project management, water technology, financiers, and knowledge institutes actively pursuing collaboration leads for and in the Ukraine;
  • not for profit organisations or foundations active or wishing to be active in Ukraine;
  • public and semi-public institutions with a mandate, active mission, or relevance in the Ukraine.

Platform’s meetings & activities

The UWP3 Platform holds General Meetings throughout the year. These will have a rotating programme depending on the evolving needs of the Platform. In these General Meetings there are special breakout sessions in which organisations are grouped by special themes called water clusters. In 2023 the UWP3 hosted water clusters on the following topics:

  • Critical infrastructure restoration;
  • Water quality restoration;
  • Water supply and distribution;
  • Water for food;
  • Capacity building.

In 2024, the General Meetings are expected to include the following activities: 

  • updates from Dutch Government representatives on resources available for Ukraine's reconstruction, including government programmes, funding instruments, and partnership opportunities;
  • breakout sessions for organisations wishing to form project-oriented water clusters;
  • updates from Ukraine on latest developments on water management, infrastructure, legislation and risk topics;
  • strategy brainstorms;
  • input by funding and financing organisations; and,
  • networking and matchmaking opportunities.

Get involved

The UWP3 Platform will hold a Spring General Meeting on Wednesday 22 May to share its strategy, rules of engagement and planned activities, as well as to provide an overview of recent water reconstruction developments in Ukraine.

Dutch water sector organisations with an active Chamber of Commerce number (KVK number) in the Netherlands interested in joining this meeting and willing to actively work on the Platform’s goal in 2024 are invited to register as an established or new participant through this form. NWP team will reach out to registered participants with the meeting details.

For inquiries and/or further information, please contact NWP at europe@nwp.nl.

RVO Ukraine Support

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) works on several activities relevant to the Ukraine recovery. Visit their website (in Dutch) to learn more.