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Ukraine Water Public-Private-Partnership Platform

A Ukraine Water Public-Private Partnership (UWP3) Platform is being developed in the Netherlands to act as a bridge between the Ukrainian and Dutch water sectors. The UWP3 Platform is an initiative of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) has been appointed as the Platform coordinator to bring together parties from the public, private, applied research, knowledge, and NGO sectors for collaborations in Ukraine through action clusters.

Aerial view of Kiev

What is UWP3 Platform?

The UWP3 Platform is a group of organisations active, or wishing to be active, in Ukraine coming together to access information and resources, meeting prospective partners, and forming strategies to work together and/with Ukrainian partners. The UWP3 Platform will also be used to hear directly from Ukrainian public and private stakeholders. This will be done in coordination with and under advice of representatives of different agencies of the Dutch Government. 

The UWP3 Platform creates value by being the central point through which facilitate connections, bringing forward opportunities to form collaboration strategies and actions together. Above all, the UWP3 Platform intends to act as a bridge between the Ukrainian and Netherlands water sectors.

What is the purpose of the UWP3 Platform?

The overall purpose as envisioned by the Dutch Government is to assist Ukraine to support the recovery and reconstruction of and with the Ukrainian water sector. It is expected that the Platform showcases how individual organisations and partnerships can contribute to sustainable solutions.

What is the desired result?

The UWP3 Platform should result in tangible impact in the Ukrainian water sector through effective cooperation between Dutch and/or Ukrainian public, private, applied research, and NGOs. Tangible impact in this case implies supply of solutions, projects, and services in the framework of the reconstruction of Ukraine’s water sector, with the Dutch Government in a facilitating role.

A crucial mission of the UWP3 Platform is to enable individual organisations to connect swiftly to relevant stakeholders and to support the development of concrete project proposals. 

What subsectors does it encompass?

Dutch organisations committed to work in this country with expertise in water subsectors contributing to the build back better principles approach are welcome. This includes water provision and sanitation, flood management, IWRM, water technologies, climate adaptation, water governance, water infrastructure, drainage and irrigation, smart and IT water tools, spatial planning for water resources, nature-based solutions, and others.

What type of participants are in the UWP3 Platform?

Participants include:

  • Organisations (private entrepreneurs, applied research, NGO’s, financiers, and knowledge institutes) actively pursuing collaboration leads for and in the Ukraine.
  • Public servants with a mandate, active mission, or relevance in the Ukraine representing their institutions.
  • Organisers in the Netherlands and their partners in the Ukraine.

What are some of the activities that will take place during the UWP3 Platform meetings this year?

The UWP3 Platform General Meetings will have a rotating programme depending on the evolving needs of the Platform and the developments in the process by each water cluster, these will include the following activities: 

  • UWP3 Platform members discussion on strategy and activities
  • Breakout sessions for water clusters
  • Updates on risk information
  • Presentations by Ukrainian stakeholders
  • Updates from Ukraine on latest developments on water management and infrastructure
  • Information on Dutch government programmes and resources for Ukraine
  • Strategy brainstorms
  • Input by funding and financing organisations
  • Matchmaking opportunities

Welcome Meeting

Dutch water sector organisations with an active KVK in the Netherlands were invited to join an information meeting on 23 February 2023. In this meeting, the UWP3 Platform provided an introduction of the Platform and further details about the rules of engagement, benefits of joining the Platform and expected activities.

Status Update 

Currently, the UWP3 Platform has a core group of organisations meeting quarterly to strategise on how to best collaborate to the Ukrainian water sector reconstruction together with the support of Dutch government and Ukrainian government representatives.  

The application window for new participants is closed. If your organisation is interested to be considered for future collaboration opportunities, please let us know by writing us an email to europe@nwp.nl.

To learn more about the activities of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) relevant to the Ukraine recovery, please visit their website at rvo.nl/wederopbouw