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NWP White Papers

NWP is proud to present its new ‘NWP White Papers’ series – a series of informative, scientifically grounded papers on a wide range of societal, environmental and water related issues featuring NWP members.

NASA Caspian Sea

The White Papers present important, recent developments that have taken or are taking place around the world that relate to the water sector in one way or another. Our ever-moving world requires us to adjust and respond quickly to changes. NWP strives to be on top of relevant developments in and for the Dutch water sector, and shares the gathered intelligence with the NWP network. 

As the leading network organisation for the Dutch water sector, NWP is a frontrunner in enhancing the understanding of the severity of the challenges that we are facing, and the potential of the Dutch water sector to help overcome them. We believe that sharing knowledge and increasing awareness is key to achieving change and creating water impact, and we consider it our duty to be part of this.

In the NWP White Papers series, our members present solutions, innovations, projects, services and products that enhance sustainability and help achieve a water-driven future.

This page serves as a landing page to help you:

  • Expand your knowledge on a variety of water-related topics
  • Navigate and understand the work of the Dutch water sector
  • Learn about relevant societal and environmental topics
  • Connect to Dutch water sector parties on thematic opportunities

We hope to publish a White Paper about every three months.

If you want to share your thoughts about one of the white paper topics or want to know what NWP can do for your organisation, get in touch with us at members@nwp.nl.

Released White Papers