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The Dutch water sector has a lot of in-house knowledge and experience. Our country has challenged us to always look for solutions for too much, too little and too dirty water. In addition, it is in our DNA to keep looking for new possibilities, thinking from an integrated approach. To share knowledge with our partners, but also to learn from each other. The Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) runs WaterTalks, a podcast series developed in collaboration with New Business Radio and other partners to facilitate discussions between key players in the water sector.

Banner of WaterTalks, a podcast of NWP.

The NWP represents the interests of the Dutch water sector at home and abroad. Our network includes many experienced experts who are committed to sustainable solutions in the water sector. These experts also have their own vision of the challenges of the sector and their unique ideas on how to solve them. The NWP offers a platform to the various perspectives from the water sector by organising conversations and discussions. In this way, we create an open dialogue that provides a different view of the Dutch sector and our work.

WaterTalks are discussions between players in the Dutch and international water sector about developments within the (water) sector. The speakers are challenged to give their opinion on certain themes in the water sector.

Find podcasts at the bottom of our events page, together with our webinar recordings.