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Managing Director

This position has been filled.

We are looking for a Managing Director who is passionate about our mission, which is to facilitate the Dutch water sector in solving global water challenges in a societal, just and environmentally resilient way, while growing its global reach and business success.

NWP's corporate colours

Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) is a strong network of Dutch water organisations, working worldwide on co-creating future-proof solutions and catalysing global water impact. Our member base consists of businesses, as well as NGO’s, knowledge institutes and public authorities.

At NWP, we believe we can work towards a sustainable future where over 9 billion people live well and in balance with the earth’s resources. A future that is water driven, for society as well as for businesses.

Managing Director's role

We are looking for a leader who inspires the NWP team and connects our members, based on knowledge of and experience in the water sector. She/he will implement a strategy for supporting the international positioning of the Dutch water sector in interaction with our members and stakeholders, responding to global developments such as climate change, urbanisation, global water stresses and water-agriculture challenges. NWP aims to support the international ambitions of the Dutch water sector and to continuously increase the contribution of the Dutch water sector to the realisation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Managing Director takes and delegates responsibility and offers the team clear frameworks as well as room for development. The Managing Director has an eye for the operational management of NWP. In collaboration with our members, she/he shows the results and impact of NWP's work to enable the entire sector to use the knowledge and experience gained. She/he also contributes to the reputation and brand of NWP and its partners, and adds value to our network. The Managing Director contributes to a growing number of members. All this to strengthen the impact of the Dutch water sector and of individual parties.

The Managing Director is responsible for the implementation of the strategy, the operational management of the organisation, the execution of the programmes and projects carried out by the organisation, and for the services provided to our members.

NWP is currently in a transition phase, in which a new balance must be sought between the demands from stakeholders, the potential of the organisation and the preferences of our members. In doing so, an open eye for tapping into new revenues and keeping costs under control is of great importance.

Job summary

  • The Managing Director jointly develops and implements the strategy and policy on behalf of the board. She/he directs NWP, is the face and figurehead of the organisation. The Managing Director chairs the Management Team (MT) which currently consists of two members, in addition to the director.
  • The Managing Director reports to the board, representing various stakeholders (Dutch Government, knowledge institutes, businesses, and NGO’s).
  • The Managing Director is expected to take on additional responsibilities within NWP. These can be head of department, project manager or programme manager, for instance. The additional responsibilities depend on the capabilities and ambitions of the person to be selected and are open for discussion.

Key tasks and responsibilities

The Managing Director:

  • develops NWP further by identifying new developments, trends and innovations. Translates these in collaboration with the participants into new initiatives and concrete services and activities for the benefit of the NWP members, the Dutch water sector and the SDG’s;
  • leads the organisation. Creates an environment where talent is encouraged to be developed and knowledge and experience are exchanged;
  • stimulates business development within NWP and aims for a financially healthy organisation;
  • represents NWP in relevant external networks and consultations. Works on a broad national and international network, in all parts of the water sector and relevant other sectors. Initiates collaboration with relevant external parties for the purpose of NWP’s mission and strategy;
  • is responsible for policy and organisational development; preparing and drafting programmes and other initiatives that fit the goals of NWP. Always interacting with the members and networks around them;
  • ensures cost-effective business operations, continuous improvement in service quality and a revenue stream appropriate to the size of the organisation. Prepares the budget and annual accounts;
  • actively implements the concept of customer satisfaction.

Qualifications and skills required

The successful applicant has:

  • a relevant network within the Dutch and global water sector;
  • proven experience in developing networks, building partnerships and business development;
  • substantive knowledge, vision and entrepreneurship;
  • minimum of 5-year experience in a leadership role;
  • minimum of 5-year relevant international work experience;
  • an academic degree in water, sustainability and/or international business; minimum of a BSc level, MBA or equivalent required;
  • good command of the Dutch and English language.

Personality and culture

The Managing Director has the ability to inspire, is people oriented and able to put things into perspective. She/he seeks connection and can combine process and content. We are looking for an independent thinker, a solid discussion partner able to implement good ideas in practice and who is empathetic and sensitive. She/he has a hands-on mentality aimed at achieving concrete results, being close to the members of NWP.


  • enterprising and commercial insight;
  • decisive and persuasive;
  • result-oriented in a down-to-earth-like manner;
  • organisational awareness and connecting leadership.

Application procedure

If this role appeals to you, you are kindly invited to forward your CV and motivation letter to hr@nwp.nl

The application will be assessed by a panel of representatives from the NWP board. Part of the recruitment process is also an interview with NWP team members.

For more information about the role, please contact Henk Nieboer, interim Managing Director, at h.nieboer@nwp.nl or +31 (0) 6 537 874 70. For more information about the application procedure, please contact Ana Giljanovic, HR Business Partner, at a.giljanovic@nwp.nl or +31 (0)70 304 3776.

About NWP

We are an organisation driven by networkers with an entrepreneurial mindset. We value diversity and inclusivity in who we are, how we think and how we act. 

Learn more about NWP in this video.

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