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The Dutch Water Coalition survey on impact of the Corona crisis in the Dutch water technology sector

The Dutch Water Coalition, a collaboration between the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP), Water Alliance and Envaqua, conducts a monthly survey among water technology companies in the Netherlands, to obtain an indication of the economic consequences of Covid-19 for the sector. Many entrepreneurs in the water technology sector experience bottlenecks due to the economic effects of the crisis. On behalf of the Dutch Top Sector Water & Maritime, the coalition is working to find solutions for these effects.



On behalf of the Top Sector Water & Maritime, the cooperating network organizations NWP, Water Alliance and Envaqua hold a survey for several months to identify the economic effects and bottlenecks that entrepreneurs in the water technology sector encounter. A short survey has been prepared for this, for which 45 companies have been contacted.

Below you will find the monthly reports and trend analysis (in Dutch) of the results of the survey.