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NWP membership

The Netherlands Water Partnership is a network of Dutch organisations in the water sector with international ambitions. NWP’s members include companies, government agencies, knowledge institutions and NGOs with one common goal: to join forces for sustainable water solutions worldwide.

NWP Office

Membership opportunities

With its long history of water management, the Dutch water sector is a major source of knowledge and expertise on water issues. And with its internationally oriented culture, NWP members seek knowledge, expertise and collaboration worldwide.

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Adept at matchmaking, NWP is the first point of call for anyone seeking expertise on water management issues or contact with the Dutch water sector. Given its wide and growing network, NWP is also the first point of call for its members in the Netherlands who are seeking expertise and partnerships internationally.

NWP members

Private companies, governmental agencies, NGOs and knowledge institutes. The NWP membership is the largest water network in the Netherlands that focuses on international collaboration to solve global water issues.