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Bluecon Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Bluecon International b.v. is a Dutch water technology company that started in 2016 to find a solution for the wastewater treatment challenges of communities and small towns worldwide. Only 14% of regional wastewater worldwide is being treated, while untreated domestic wastewater causes problems such as contamination and an inefficient use of valuable water sources. Bluecon is taking up the challenge to resolve the regional wastewater problems worldwide. Our goal is to enable communities and towns to treat their own wastewater and convert it into a clean resource, keeping it into circulation.

The next generation wastewater treatment units

Bluecon has developed the next generation decentralized wastewater treatment units based on an innovative physical process without the use of bacteria. This robust and easy to operate treatment plant converts municipal wastewater into reusable water such as irrigation water or clean water to reuse in households.

Our ambition

The world is our market and Bluecon is rapidly expanding to new markets. We started in Eastern and Southern Europe and we are currently taking commercial steps in Asia (India), Africa (Morocco) and South America (Chile, Colombia and Mexico.) Through partnerships with local environmental engineering companies, Bluecon seeks to build strong relationships with local partners who have the knowledge, network and capabilities to sell, install and operate the Bluecon wastewater treatment units.

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