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Colubris Cleantech B.V.

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We are Colubris Cleantech, a privately owned Dutch company with over 35 years’ experience in separation and purifying technologies. We offer a complete range of products and processes for (Waste)Water treatment, Solid Waste recycling and Bioresource processes. The Colubris Water Solutions division specializes in industrial (waste)water treatment and decentralized municipal wastewater treatment. We design, manufacture, construct, commission and handover complete systems. From a simple screen to the integration of the most advanced technologies. And we do this worldwide. From idea to turnkey realization. The Water, Waste and Bioresource divisions are all located in The Netherlands. Here we house project management, engineering, manufacturing and sales & service. Having all 3 divisions under one roof enables Colubris to offer a fully integrated design, always centered around creating value from fluid or solid waste.