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    Water Technology Innovation & Manufacturing

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Water is the most precious resource on our planet, and should be managed really well. However, something cannot be managed if it isn’t measured. That’s why we make sense of water. It is our mission to enable water management solutions and platform with high quality soil moisture data.

We produce simple and robust wireless soil moisture sensors with high accuracy and the lowest cost in the market.

  • Our sensors can be installed in <1 minute, without tools
  • The accuracy in calibrated soil is 99%
  • 100% maintenance free for 5 to 8 years, with hourly measurements
  • Built to integrate (API-first approach)
  • Free data and simple monitoring app
  • Super low Total Cost of Ownership

Our sensors are used in dashboards, analytics platforms and automated solutions for:

  • Agriculture / horticulture
  • Smart resilient cities
  • Water governance

With our open API, we can integrate with any platform and start pushing calibrated and validated soil moisture data in a matter of hours.

Being a member of Netherlands Water Partnership is very valuable for us for multiple reasons: it provides us a network of companies in The Netherlands with a similar purpose and at the same time provides an international platform for sharing Dutch water innovations, giving us access to opportunities we could not have accessed on our own. And last but not least, NWP is a very professional and fun team to work with!

René Voogt

CCO and co-CEO at Sensoterra