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Van Heck

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    Water Technology Innovation & Manufacturing

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Moving water any way you want it 

No matter what question you have, we will find the most appropriate answer, from temporary redirections, contingencies to structural solutions. With our no nonsense approach we will achieve the best results in a fast, smart and thorough manner. 

Van Heck operates internationally in the field of water control and displacement. With its diversity in pump units, Van Heck operates from dredging, salvage and offshore operations to sewer renovation, cool water applications and compiling emergency plans for flooding. Every operation can be customized to meet the wishes of the client and the project’s demands. 

The launch of Van Heck’s newest innovation, the Sea Trophy “green and easy oil recovery” (www.seatrophy.com), a very effective and compact submersible oil recovery pump, provide salvagers and the shipping industry with an astute and versatile tool to recover (fuel) oil in all unforeseen situations. 

Van Heck: Choosing the best solution together 

 Reliable partner 

 24/7 global assistance 

 Rapid response 

 Customized solutions 

 Cooperation and advice 

 Wide range of capacities 

 Innovative 

 Environmental awareness 

Contingency plans

Every company has an evacuation plan in case of emergency. What is your plan if a pumping station fails or a dike is breached? What if your pumping station can’t cope with the high water level caused by a storm and there’s a threat of homes being flooded? 

Van Heck is frequently called in when an emergency strikes, so we know exactly what’s required for an adequate response. Speed and a ready solution are then of utmost importance. Van Heck’s contingency plans provide guidance, while Van Heck’s flexible professionals manage the situation. 

So when disaster strikes, everything runs according to plan. 

Van Heck then sets to work on drawing up the contingency plan that describes, among other things, the required pump capacities, supply routes and other necessary materials. In order to be certain of a solution, we prepare two or three different scenarios in the contingency plan, which makes a crisis manageable. A contingency plan enables all parties to act even faster, because the local situation is known and all involved know what to do. 

Advantages of contingency plan

 Timesaving 

 The local situation is known 

 All those involved know what to do 

 Substantially lower costs 

 Less damage thanks to rapid response 

 Professional and reassuring approach