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Acacia Water


Acacia Water 'for solutions in groundwater' was established in 2003 and provides consultancy services on groundwater exploration, development and integrated management in relation to surface water, environment and infrastructure.

Acacia Water is a research-oriented consultancy company with the explicit aim to translate knowledge into practical solutions. We have a contemporary vision on sustainability, by putting it into practice, both within mainstream projects but also through our own initiatives.

The membership of the Netherlands Water Partnership provides us with an extensive network of organisations with whom we share the ambition to contribute to sustainable water projects all over the world.

Acacia Water's services

Hydrogeological services

  • groundwater development & assessment
  • water resources assessment
  • water resources quantifications and modelling
  • water extraction design
  • geophysical prospecting

Environmental services

  • effects of groundwater abstraction
  • groundwater reuse
  • desalination of brackish groundwater

ICT and GIS related services

  • Management Information Systems
  • relation databases
  • GIS remote sensing
  • software design and development


We apply our knowledge and expertise to a wide range of water issues. We work in the Netherlands and abroad, including developing countries. Acacia Water has specific experience in the field of rural water supply and water management in developing countries, especially in arid, semi-arid and coastal areas. Several employees have spent part of their lives and careers abroad, which allows them to quickly adapt to the local and national context of projects and the active collaboration with locally established consultants and INGOs.

Acacia Water distinguishes itself by collaborating closely with universities and research institutes. Acacia Water works with the latest scientific developments in the field of hydrology and environment. We translate the knowledge into robust and practical solutions. Our working method is inclusive, meaning we work together with our clients, partners, process stakeholders, end-users and the local communities.