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Nedap Naïade

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    Water Technology Innovation & Manufacturing

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Nedap is world’s leading company for electronic lamp drivers for low - and medium pressure Ultra Violet (UV) lamps and has the biggest installed base of electronic lamp drivers for UV disinfection and UV curing applications. UV light has proven to be highly effective and environmental friendly in these applications and Nedap offers you the best technology to drive your UV lamps. Many major companies in the water and printing industry rely on our technology!

Water treatment.

Nedap has over 25 years of experience in the UV disinfection market. The largest UV drinking water plant in New York is using the Nedap technology to drive all 12.000 UV lamps. Besides disinfection of drinking water, Nedap technology is also used for Ballast water cleaning, waste water, process water and surface water treatment.

High reliability, high efficiency and optimal drive of the UV lamps are the main reason to choose for the Nedap lamp drivers. All major UV lamp manufacturers worldwide, have approved our technology. Besides the high reliability also intelligent communication features of our lamp drivers are needed in today’s disinfection applications.

Nedap Naïade.

The solar powered Naïade water treatment system combines durable energy with ultra violet water treatment technology. It is a stand-alone unit which can be set up easily and ready for use within 30 minutes. A device that provides safe drinking water to up to 400 people at an estimated costs of around 1,50 euro per person per year. 

Nedap, Technology for Life